5 Easy Tips To Start Marketing Your Small Business

For instance, according to Rutin, the overall audience is limited because users can only post through the mobile app. Also, you can’t put active links in posts unless you’re paying for a sponsored post. And let’s not forget that the platform has an algorithm that is continually shifting, which decreases organic reach and forces you to pay if you want your audience to see you. It can be extremely tough to stand out on Instagram since you’re facing so much competition. Because of this, it can be tempting to buy followers, pay for comments on your posts, and follow random people as part of your Instagram marketing strategy. First and foremost, your brand’s Instagram account must be active and posts made regularly to stay relevant to your current followers and to reach potential followers.
Kaitlin is an editor at Square where she covers everything from how small businesses can start, run, and grow, to how enterprise companies can use tools and data to become industry leaders. When it comes to Instagram, you might feel like you need to create an aesthetic that is similar to your competitor’s or one that is super trendy. While it’s important to keep a pulse on what’s popular and what’s resonating in your industry, it’s more important to create an aesthetic that is true to your brand and feels genuine. “Focus on what makes you different, what makes you unique and eye-catching,” says Weiss.
Just remember to stay consistent so that your audience recognizes them. You can use web analytics tools and tools to identify your audience and define it based on demographics, interests, and location. As a fashion brand, Forever 21 needs to leverage the #OOTD hashtag. They did just that in a post that pandered to the feline loving community on Instagram. By showcasing the values that it stands by, the brand becomes more than just a sum of its products. This post allows the brand to highlight how easily their customers can take stunning pictures using a GoPro.
Enroll to get access to crucial tools and information in creating a data-driven social strategy. Take some of these insights and use them for inspiration to try Instagram for your brand, or maybe try something entirely different. The key here is to recognize that the most innovative brands aren’t those that go with the flow—they’re the ones that take a shovel and create their own stream. Many people don’t know exactly what GE does, even though they recognize the name, and that is where storytelling becomes important. Dr. Seuss is a classic figure from many people’s childhoods, and it is interesting and surprising that he made advertisements for GE before writing children’s stories. There are no boring industries—just boring marketers who are not passionate about their company or engaged with their customers.
As you bring your brand onto Instagram, it can be tricky to get off on the right foot. Thinking through the visual language for your brand will allow you to successfully connect with your customers. Taking all of these tips into consideration as you scale your content channel will allow your brand to thrive on Instagram.
Read more about buy IG Followers here. You’ll also want to make sure prospective customers have a way to find you online with ease. Companies should understand their audience and following base to determine which posting options are best for their unique brand. If your business is not already implementing these tactics into your marketing, open your Instagram app and start now. Above all, Ice Cream Social encourages businesses to focus on being true to who they are. “Be patient, Instagram is one of those slower to grow platforms, it’s super saturated, and there’s a lot of competition.